Meet the SHS-UHN ASP Team

The SHS-UHN ASP team is a multi-disciplinary group comprised of physicians, pharmacists, microbiologists, administrative operations staff, and research coordinators.

The SHS-UHN ASP Team:  Standing (left to right):  Linda JorgoniDr. Linda DresserMarilyn Steinberg, Dr. Andrew Morris, Dr. Shahid HusainDr. Chaim Bell, Margot RenshawDr. Mark McIntyre, Monique Pitre, Dr. Olavo Fernandes  Seated (left to right):  Melanie Thomson, Lopa Naik, Dr. Miranda So, Katie Mok, Yoshiko NakamachiArrani Senthinathan  Not in photo: Dr. Warren McIsaacDr. Sandra Nelson, Janice Takata-Shewchuk

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