Antibiotics have saved countless lives. Without antibiotics, much of modern medical care would be impossible.  But as we use these wonder drugs, bacteria and other microbes are becoming more resistant to them.  We need your help! 
Here's what you can do...

Wash your hands

Preventing infections is key to avoiding antimicrobial use.  Wash your hands to help keep those bugs at bay. 

Get vaccinated

No one likes needles.  But a little prevention is worth a trip to the doctor or hospital.  Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the annual flu shot and other opportunities to keep infections from starting or becoming serious. 

Ask questions

Cold, flu, allergies, bacterial infection? Sometimes it's hard to tell.  Ask your healthcare provider what your symptoms are all about before assuming you need antibiotics.   Antibiotics aren't effective in treating viral infections like the cold or flu.

Don't share!

Don't take left over antibiotics or share them with other people.  Seek advice before starting a course of antibiotics, every time.  

Antibiotics and You

Bacteria are part of a normal, healthy body.  Learn more about how to protect yourself and your microbiome!


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