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Research Studies

The following grant funded studies are progressing:


  • Designing an Effective Outpatient Antimicrobial Stewardship Program to Reduce Unnecessary Antibiotic Use in Primary Care using a Mixed-Methods Collaborative Model.AHSC AFP Innovation Fund. Principal Investigators: Warren McIssac, Andrew Morris. Co-investigators: Chaim Bell, Lianne Jeffs, Jeff Bloom, David Tannenbaum. Funded by AHSC AFP Innovation Fund.


  • The Development and Testing of a Scaling Strategy for a Community-Based Primary Care Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Utilizing an Innovative University of Toronto Primary Care Testing Platform: the UTOPIAN Practice Based Research Network. Principal Investigators: Warren McIssac. Co-investigators: Andrew Morris, Noah Ivers, Yoshiko Nakamachi. Funded by AHSC AFP Innovation Fund


  • A Multi-centre Investigation of the Management and Outcomes of Community-onset Escherichia coli Bacteremia. Principal Investigator: Andrew Morris. Co-investigators: Michael Bonares, Sam Thrall, Das Pavani. Funded by PSI Resident Research Grant and SHS DoM Resident Research Grant.


  • National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey (NAPS): Feasibility Project. Principal Investigator: Andrew Morris. Co-investigators: Yoshiko Nakamachi. Funded by Becton Dickinson& Company- Canada


The following investigator initiated studies are progressing:


  • Evaluation of antimicrobial prescribing in the Intensive Care Unit through serial real-time point prevalence audits. Principal Investigators: Linda Dresser. Co-investigators: Josie Hughes, Kevin Duplisea, Mark McIntrye, Sandra Nelson, Chaim Bell, Andrew Morris.


  • A survey on antimicrobial stewardship content in undergraduate health professions and veterinarian curricula in Canadian and top-ranked universities worldwide. Principal Investigator: Miranda So. Co-investigators: Wayne Gold, Scott Weese, Linda Dresser, Marie Rocchi, Chaim Bell, Lianne Jeffs, Fok-Han Leung, Andrew Morris.



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