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Shorter might be better.

For many common infections. shorter course antimicrobials are as good as longer courses but with less risk and antimicrobial resistance

When antimicrobials were first discovered and used, treatment courses were long and usually measured in weeks.  As we gained experienced and evidence, we realized we don't need as much antimicrobial exposure to have the same amount of benefit.  While not all conditions can be treated with short course antimicrobials, using shorter course when possible  can help. 


Less antimicrobial exposure means

  • fewer serious reactions like allergies and organ damage.

  • less antimicrobial resistance in people and the environment

  • fewer common side effects like nausea and vomiting

  • less C. difficile infection

For more information on specific conditions and  antimicrobial therapy durations, see this recent publication by Grant et al.  


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